November 24, 2020

Health & Fitness Professionals – Using Creative Marketing

As a personal trainer you have a virtually untapped market of potential clients at your fingertips.
The medical exercise and post-rehabilitation markets offer a vast pool of referrals from physicians
and healthcare providers that, with the right technical skills and business savvy, any trainer can
take advantage of to grow his or her business to new heights.

Working to position yourself so that providers pass your name along to their patients is well worth
the effort, and all that is required is a little creativity on your part.

So who are these people? Most trainers are familiar with the standard “post rehab” client, but they
never widen their view of all the others that could benefit from their services. The medical exercise
demographic is often overlooked. These individuals can have one or more conditions, including: neurological (such as balance issues or multiple sclerosis), metabolic (such as diabetes or obesity), pulmonary (emphysema, asthma), cardiovascular (such as hypertension or heart disease) and many, many more.

Put simply, anyone who regularly visits or interacts with a treating health professional or who has been
discharged within the past 6 months could use you. That’s a lot of people.

Think about it: every time that individual interacts with their health care provider, that provider is
in the best position to pass your name along to their patient. They want what’s best for their patient,
and if you can make the provider understand the benefits of using your services you’ll start getting referrals. Lots of them.

Many providers don’t truly understand the benefits a personal trainer could offer their clients. It’s your
job to make them see the light.

With Baby Boomers aging with each day that goes by, this market has the potential to grow amazingly fast. Boomers especially want to stay strong and independent as long as possible, and are more than willing to spend their money on “alternative medicine” that will enable them to do that. They realize that health insurance is not the “healing umbrella” that it used to be, and if they see value in your service they’ll put their money your way.

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